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  • Concrete to Abstract C2a is a registered training institute that focuses on helping teachers identify gaps in their students’ mathematical knowledge so that these gaps are not perpetuated. The program aligns with local and international curricula by using scientifically prepared manipulatives. The program not only provides teacher training, but also aims to develop their conceptual understanding of mathematics.

  • Using manipulatives can help to make Math easier and fun for children. We offer sessions for students at our beautifully designed Maths Lab. in which they can explore and learn mathematical concepts. The use of manipulatives helps them reduce their fear and anxiety towards Maths problems. We provide assistance to school in developing their Maths Lab.

  • Our online manipulative shop provides opportunities for educators and families to equip classrooms and homes with manipulatives for building lifelong impressions of mathematical concepts.

  • Our consultants provide support to educators and families in assessing the needs of schools and students to improve mathematical conceptual learning.

  • Our experts are available for curriculum development support to schools, differentiated planning for special needs students, and consultancy to teachers and parents.

Concrete To Abstract Approach


Concrete to Abstract is an educational approach that helps students to experience mathematical concepts in tangible form. The idea behind this method is that if students are able to make concrete connections between the ideas they are understanding in the abstract, they will be more likely to remember them. This approach can work for all subjects, but it can be particularly effective when paired with mathematics.

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